AdGreen was started by freelance production manager Jo Coombes. Frustrated by what she was seeing on set: masses of waste, catering on polystyrene plates, and whole set builds being skipped; it was either do something about it, or try a different career path. After a week in Spain pondering by the pool, and another week chatting to the team at BAFTA about their albert project, AdGreen was born.
Since we got going, we've been developing tools for production and crew as well as delivering basic green production training via the Masterclass and by hosting seminars. You can read about our latest events here. Jo has also been testing greener production methods on her own shoots, and writing up the results for the blog. You can check out the latest case studies here. With the support of the APA, it’s steadily grown into what you’re looking at today.
Our mission is threefold:  To educate those in our industry on the issues we face regarding climate change, and sustainability, to support production companies in acting more sustainably by developing best practice and to measure and then work to reduce our carbon footprint, in collaboration with clients and agencies, as well as suppliers.


Jo doesn't keep AdGreen running alone, here are some other members of our team. If you would like to get involved beyond being greener on your own shoots, get in touch!

Katie Hall

At the APA, Katie works to improve member services and is always on the look out for new and interesting companies and initiatives to introduce to the APA. Katie is known as the Eco-Warrior in the office and since being introduced to AdGreen, she has helped bring the initiative to the attention of the APA's members, through it's inclusion on the 2016 Masterclass and promoting other events. She is also working on ways to help new and current members get involved, and widening AdGreen's impact by liaising with the IPA.
“I think that AdGreen presents so many resources and so much knowledge that it’s stupid not to pay attention to it. If we all don’t start making changes the environmental situation is only going to get worse & I applaud Jo for actually kicking it all into gear."

Daisy Roberts

As well as being co-head honcho of Facebook’s Production Support Group, production manager Daisy is also an eco-warrior at heart. She tests out many of Jo’s green ideas on her shoots, and helps decide what needs a bit more development, and what’s ready to be encouraged amongst the production community.
"We need to start taking responsibility for our own actions in terms of sustainability, surely anyone can see that the world is a finite resource! I am doing what I can, and so can every other crew member by making small changes like remembering to bring a water bottle each day or by putting their rubbish in the correct bins. I’d like to think we all recycle easily at home for example, so why does that go out of the window when we are on set? If we all work together we can make a huge difference!"

Poppy Shafto

Poppy is a freelance Production Assistant who has been in the industry since 2010. Like Daisy she is also testing green production ideas and is committed ensuring that every attempt is made to bring at least one of the Five Easy Things to every shoot.
"I'm so thrilled to be a part of Team AdGreen, a group so committed to changing the views and practises of a rather wasteful industry. Working with AdGreen has give me the confidence to take a firm stance on reducing waste and changing attitudes - recently I eliminated ALL plastic bottles on my last shoot! Now I'm doing all I can to spread the word..."

Frankie Singler

Film fanatic, nature lover and AdGreen cheerleader, Frankie is the liaison between production, agency and client. She has worked in Sales, Marketing and PR for almost 10 years, collaborating with agencies, representing directors and marketing both production and media companies. Frankie has been instrumental in gathering agency opinion on AdGreen and helping to build a community of green champions at that level. She has also been developing press relationships to promote AdGreen to the wider industry.
"Most people are eager to find greener solutions, they just don't know where to start. I'm convinced that by uniting Adland’s disparate entities through AdGreen, we can drive the behavioural change that is needed to improve sustainability in all work practices, both in advertising and beyond."

Rachel Smy

With over 20 years experience both in production and in her current role as Ogilvy's Environmental Manager, Rachel knows the challenges we face. She has a deep understanding of the environmental aspects of our activities as well as the business requirements and works tirelessly to ensure the two go hand in hand. Rachel is working with Ogilvy's TV department to road test ways of increasing discussion around sustainability between production and agencies.
"At last! We've needed a production platform like Adgreen's for a long time. Through Adgreen, both agencies and production companies can work together to create awareness, promote sustainable productions and collectively reduce our environmental impact."

Eleri Evans

Eleri is a green fingered permaculture enthusiast and freelance production assistant/manager. She has worked in the industry since 2012, and recently took a year out in Australia to check out their way of doing things. Much greener than us, she decided to get involved in AdGreen and got in touch upon her return earlier this year. Eleri is working on behind the scenes on some of our larger projects.
"On learning that Adgreen existed, I immediately wanted to be involved. I love the industry, but the neglect of waste management & general lack of concern or focus on making it more sustainable is at times, discouraging. Adgreen is a really important step for the film industry’s future."