By the time you get your call sheet out, most of your crew will know that you’re running a green shoot and why it’s important that they comply with requests to operate more sustainably (if they don't you can direct them to What You Can Do). However, it doesn’t hurt to remind, so we've written some text you can add, ideally on the front page (and in green!), which can be modified to suit your shoot. You can also copy and paste this into your call sheet email - don’t forget to send it to agency, client and cast as well as crew, so that everyone is aware of what you want to achieve. There's also a logo below too.


We are working with AdGreen (a sustainability initiative supported by the APA), and trying to act more sustainably during this production. Here are some things we’d like you to do on set. Find out more about AdGreen on the website, and you can like the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates, all @AdGreenAPA.

TECH DRIVERS/DELIVERIES/PRIVATE CARS: Do not idle your vehicles (i.e. leave the engine on whilst stationary) as this contributes to localised air pollution. It could also land you a fine in some London boroughs.
CALL SHEETS, SCHEDULES, SCRIPTS & BOARDS: To reduce paper, we will not be printing individual copies, but will have large A3 copies on noticeboards to refer to. Please ask if you need anything specific printed, otherwise view via phone or tablet
WATER: We're attempting a zero plastic bottle shoot. Bring a water bottle to fill up from the water coolers, to reduce plastic bottle waste. Bottles can be refilled from the water cooler at the tea table or the sink in the kitchen.
TEA/COFFEE: Bring a reusable coffee cup/thermos/mug for tea and coffee, in order to reduce paper cup waste. Failing that we have paper cups on set –please try to re-use these for more than one cup
CATERING: Our caterers will be doing Meat Free Monday on day 1 of our shoot (Monday!). On all other days food offered will be 50% veggie (inc vegan option) and 50% meaty.
RECYCLING & WASTE: [depends on your waste collection type: see here for more help on this] Please separate food waste from everything else. Scrape plates, and put tea bags, leftovers etc into the food waste bins, and everything else in the other. Both need clear bags please. Contaminated bags and waste in black sacks will be charged at a higher rate, so it’s important to know what goes where. Recyclable materials in the 'other' bin will be recycled at the plant after collection.
LEFT OVER PRODUCT: We will have left over fresh product and vegetables at the end of the day available for anyone to take home – bring bags/tupperware! Anything still remaining after that will be taken to a local homeless shelter.
PLASTIC BAGS: Zero plastic bag policy on runs – use canvas/bags for life provided by production

POLYSTYRENE: Zero polystyrene on set today from catering, AD dept, art dept and lighting dept
LOCATION FLOOR PROTECTION: We're using Ram Board instead of correx today - it'll be reused/recycled after the shoot
LIGHTING CONSUMABLES: Please return any usable croc clips and gel offcuts for reuse by others
HEATING & COOLING: If the set is too hot, turn off heating, then open doors and windows, before resorting to air con (if available). If too cold, shut doors and windows, turn off any air con before turning on any heating.
POWER SAVING: Turn everything off at lunch time/during set watch
RENEWABLE ENERGY: The studio power is running on 25% renewable energy today!

You could also add information about any key props, food styling supplies or costumes that are being rehomed.


Drag the image to your desktop and insert it into your call sheet for added AdGreen brownie points.

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