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Been asked to print 100 call sheets? Entire set gone in the skip? We know. Submit yours and we'll post them here anonymously. Check out the FAQ for some help on avoiding the horror...

"I was forced to print 20 X COPIES(!!!!) of the 6 page risk assessment by the producer who told me it was for insurance purposes. IS THIS TRUE?!!"

"I found a home for the tiles we’d used for our set build floor, only for them all to get smashed up when they were taken up. ARGHHH"

"I worked on a job recently where we put a brand new carpet on the floor of a 2nd studio being used just for styling and craft service. It was ripped up after and the whole lot was thrown away."

"I've just thrown away 119 head sheets from my casting - why didn't we do it digitally?!"


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